IM Immersed Drum Fabric Filter

Fabric filter with drag conveyor system pre-cleaner for higher flow rates. Provides excellent coolant clarity with particle removal rates down to 10 microns.

Kleenall Max Central Coolant Filtration System

Central systems for flow rates up to 3,000 GPM. Includes pre-cleaner and optional secondary system to provide fine filtration on a variety of materials.

MCS Magnetic Coolant Separator

Rotating drum type magnetic separator for low cost, efficient system suitable for ferrous applications of all types. Rare Earth magnets available.

MPE Magnetic Fabric Coolant Filters

Efficient deep bed gravity fabric filter with magnetic drum pre-cleaner to reduce fabric usage.

RDU Permanent Media Coolant Chip Filter with Hinge Belt Conveyor

Rotating drum system with hinge belt pre-cleaner for removal of “birds nests” and tangled turning chips. Highly flexible design.

RDX Permanent Media Chip Filter

Permanent media rotating drum system for chip making machines, processing all types of materials and flow rates up to 2,000 GPM in a single unit.

RMP Magnetic and Fabric Filter with Chiller

Fabric and magnetic filter system with integral chiller for precise temperature control.

Continuous Separator

Regulated flow of coolant over adjustable overflow weirs allows for the settling of fine particles, and clean coolant is sent back to process.

DTVF with Seal Track

The Henry DTVF filtration system, with SealTrack™ positive mechanical seals, provides high-clarity filtration sump and are pumped to the dirty fluid reservoir, for grinding applications.

EBPR – Endless Belt Primary

Fully enclosed belt loop system provides pre-separation of chips and coolant prior to a main or existing filter.

High-Flow Low Profile Zero Pump

Pump ideally suited for chip and coolant processing systems where chips or small “birds nests” must be transferred with the fluid.

Seal Track Endless Belt

Endless belt filter system provides high-clarity filtration for machining and grinding operations.

Sludge Briquetter

Briquetter (or compactor) designed to receive wet grinding sludge or compressable material for dewatering.

Troughing Systems

Troughing systems engineered to transport all fluids machine chips and grinding swarf from the machines to either a pumpback sump system or filtration unit.

TRVD with Seal Track

Automatic vacuum filter for use with permanent filter belt or disposable media. Good for all applications with flow rates up to 2,000 GPM.

Wedgewire SID with Belt Pan

Suction indexing drum filter with a filter tank equipped with a belt pan conveyor for steel machining operations.


High efficient bar type gravity flow magnetic separator for high flow rates.

Large Disposable Media Vacuum Filters

Automatic media vacuum filter systems designed for a wide variety of flow rates and applications.

Oil Processing Systems

Temperature control, water content removal and sediment filtration for automatic transmission fluid and engine oil.


The plate-type units can handle larger concentrations of fines and are suitable for applications ranging from the fine grinding of steel and cast iron to cast iron machining and steel machining.

Pressure Filters

Automatic flat bed media pressure filter. Provides efficient filtration with excellent coolant clarity and dry sludge discharge.

Dyna-Vac Vacuum Media Filter

Vacuum media filter system designed for high flows. Can be used with either permanent or disposable media, depending on application.

Sump Saver

Economical fabric filter for low flow rates featuring low coolant inlet height.

Value-Vac Vacuum Media Filter for Single Machine

Efficient vacuum filter with low profile design for easy installation. Flow rates up to 100 GPM.