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Aftermarket Replacement Parts Available for: Barnes International, Henry Filters, Superior Filtration, Advanced Filtration Concepts & HR Black Coolant Filtration Machines

We have the experience to work very closely with our customers to analyze their filtration requirements and determine the most efficient and economical filter media for any application. Particle size, shape and physical properties of the contaminant must be considered in making accurate, cost-saving filter fabric selections.

We have a complete service and aftermarket parts department that can help identify and order replacement parts for your filtration machines with just the serial number. We fabricate the majority of our own parts in house and many items are in stock.

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The following troubleshooting chart is designed to assist maintenance personnel with locating and repairing possible malfunctions in the filter.

Problem Cause Solution
Unit does not operate Blown fuse.
Tripped overload relay (s)Main disconnect     off.
No power to line side of disconnect.
Determine cause and correct. Replace fuse.


Determine cause and correct. Reset.

Turn main disconnect on.

Determine reason for no power and correct.


Coolant pump (if furnished with filter) operating, but low pressure and/or little or no coolant flow Pump running in wrong direction.


Pump plugged or impeller worn.

Incorrect voltage or frequency.

Insufficient coolant in clean coolant tank.

Change leads.                


Clean pump and repair as necessary.

Check line voltage and change as necessary.

Add coolant.

Coolant pump continually trips overloads Pump is over pumping its rated capacity. Output line should have a flow adjustment valve. Check amperage draw of pump motor and close flow adjustment valve until amperage draw is within normal range.