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Filtration Media – Coolant Filtration Paper and Permanent Media for Barnes International, Henry Filters, Superior Filtration, Advanced Filtration Concepts & HR Black Coolant Filtration Machines.

Barnes International has the experience to work very closely with our customers to analyze their filtration requirements and determine the most efficient and economical permanent filter media or filter paper for any application. Particle size, shape and physical properties of the contaminant must be considered in making accurate, cost-saving filter fabric selections.

With coolant samples sent to us, we can provide complete coolant analysis. In our fully equipped laboratory we can test for coolant contaminant levels, pH levels for water based coolant, coolant mix ratios, viscosity and water percentage for oil based coolants, magnetic particle analysis, particle distribution analysis and filtration efficiency. We specialize in manufacturing the world’s best fabric coolant filters and providing the filter media that will get the job done! (Fabric to work with your Barnes filter or any other manufacturer’s filter!) This includes fabrics specifically suited to water-soluble and cutting oil applications.

Barnes Standard Filter Fabric Width

Model Fabric Width
MPE-10, PE-10 20″ Fabric
MPE-15, PE-15 MP-60, PE-60 30″ Fabric
IM-1830, IM-3630 33″ Fabric
MPE-20, PE-20 40″ Fabric
MPE-25, PE-25 MPE-100, PE-100 50″ Fabric
IM-1848, IM-3648 IM-4248 51″ Fabric

Other sizes available upon request.

Filter Fabric Properties

Part No. Material Weight (oz./yd)
MS-815 Rayon/Polyester Blend 0.80
MS-817 Rayon/Polyester Blend 1.25
MS-820 Rayon/Polyester Blend 2.25
MS-859 Spunbonded Polyester 0.75
MS-861 Spunbonded Polyester 0.40
MS-874 Polyester/Cellulose Blend 1.25
MS-875 Polyester/Cellulose Blend 1.50
MS-876 Spunbonded Polyester 1.00
MS-877 Spunbonded Polyester 1.35

Roll Diameters: 100 Yds. 7″ – 8″ | 250 Yds. 12″ – 14″ | 500 Yds. 16″ – 18″

Core Size: 1 1/2″ to 1 5/8 ” ID

Additional sizes may be available.
Quantity Discounts Available!
Contact Filtration Sales for more information at
(800) 435-4877 or (815) 966-2540

Filter Fabric Specifications

Micron Rating
MS-861 70 Synthetic gauze. High viscosity oils and large chips.
MS-859 50 Water soluble and medium viscosity oils. Medium to large particles.
MS-815 40 Good general-purpose fabric for water soluble and medium viscosity oils. Grinding mild steel.  RMS finishes of 20 and above.
MS-876 40 IM filter. Water soluble and medium viscosity oils.
MS-817 25 Recommended for grinding cast iron and some non-ferrous materials. Water soluble and medium viscosity oils.
MS-877 25 IM filter.  Similar to MS-817 but more strength. Particularly suited for heavy emulsions.
MS-875 20 IM filter. High flow rate and good cleaning efficiency.
MS-820 15 Recommended for fine particle removal.
MS-874 10 IM filter. General purpose. Works very well on low to medium viscosity oils.

Filter Fabric Troubleshooting Guide









Fabric Gets Caught on Edges of Grid Belt Fabric pan too full Empty pan more often
Outside links of grid belt worn or broken Replace grid belt
Grid belt installed incorrectly Consult factory
Excessive Fabric Usage Float switch set too low Reset float switch. See maintenance instructions
Filter fabric too dense Change to a more open grade. Call factory representative
Coolant foaming excessively Consult coolant supplier
Coolant viscosity higher than originally specified Change to correct coolant or change fabric to a more open grade
Coolant flow rate higher than originally specified Reduce flow rate to match capacity of filter
Magnetic brake on clutch assembly malfunctioning Consult factory
Fabric Does Not Index Float switch set too high Reset float switch. See maintenance manual
Filter fabric too open Change to denser grade. Call factory representative
Fabric not seated under seal wheels Rethread fabric. See maintenance instructions
Grid belt too loose Retighten or replace grid belt. See maintenance instructions.
Excessive Contamination in Clean Coolant Tank Coolant overflowing filter pool Fabric not indexing normally. Reset float switch
Fabric too open Change to denser grade. Call factory representative
Ripped or torn fabric Replace fabric as necessary.
Grid belt too loose Retighten or replace grid belt. See maintenance instructions
Fabric not seated under seal wheels Rethread fabric. See maintenance instructions.
Fabric not installed correctly Reinstall fabric. See section on threading fabric