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BARMAG™ units (flow rates from 300 to3000 GPM) use powerful permanent magnets encased in stainless steel tubes which are very effective for separation of magnetic fines from liquids in the high and low micron size range. Due to the low velocity of the liquid flowing through a densely concentrated magnetic field, very fine magnetic particulates can be removed.

These units are used extensively in the steel industries (cold rolling emulsions, strip cleaning solutions) and in the metal working market (fine grinding, honing, and polishing of steel, cast iron and powder metal materials).

Barmag unit

The bar-wiping mechanism operates as follows. On the forward stroke the wipers are closed and remove the sludge from the bars. On the return stroke the wipers are open. Three bars are wiped simultaneously, so each bar is wiped three times. One complete cycle of the wiping mechanism coincides with the bars advancing one position along the chain loop. The bar-chain and wiping mechanism are synchronized and driven by a variable speed drive. Wiper speed is adjustable and ranges from zero to five bar stokes per minute. Controls allow for intermittent operation.

Barmag unit

For lower flows (Under 300 GPM) please see Barnes Magnetic Drum Coolant Separators.

Barnes Magnetic Drum Coolant Separators