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We have been manufacturing our extensive line of quality coolant filtration products in Rockford, Illinois, USA for 110 years. Machine tool coolant filtration product offerings include world renown Kleenall Filters for grinding and chip making machines, along with pressure and vacuum filtration systems that offer both permanent and disposable media filtration. Coolant filtration systems as small as 10 GPM for individual machines up to total plant central coolant filtration systems as large as 20,000 GPM are well within our scope. Barnes International is committed to the process of continuous improvement and dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services that meet or exceed our customers requirements.

How Coolant Filtration Systems Should Be Maintained?

by | Oct 1, 2018 | Blogs, Coolant Filtration Systems |

It’s estimated that 40 – 50% of engine down-time is on account of coolant filtration systems failure. Coolant system failure is avoidable. With today’s diesel engines placing out far more heat, cooling technique care has grown to be much more necessary than any other means. Your engine coolant battles rust, scale formation, acidity, foaming, silicate drop out and debris when it operates to transfer heat and preserve the correct operating circumstances for optimal fuel economy.

The cooling system is often an extremely aggressive atmosphere and may turn out to be a corrosion nightmare if not maintained appropriately. A reasonably little volume of coolant is propelled about the cooling system at higher velocity (ordinarily 45,000 to 60,000 liters/hour), you can find some quite higher temperatures involved (5,432°F within the combustion chamber) and a variety of metallic elements plus other components. In impact, the cooling system can practically develop into a giant battery resulting in corrosion and in the end one thing will fail! This is the reason, the handle on the coolant pH is very important. Regardless of whether it can be a very simple coolant leak from a corroded radiator or possibly an extra highly-priced engine rebuild simply because of liner cavitation and corrosion, the net outcome is definitely similar. In the event the engine breaks down and can’t operate, the car or machine will overheat. It is as easy as that!

The biggest difficulty we face is the fact that glycol (also known as antifreeze) has been applied for many years to safeguard the coolant central filtration systems from freezing in some nations. What exactly is quite generally overlooked nevertheless, is the fact that in addition, it raises the boiling point from the coolant and should really guard the cooling system from corrosion. These final two points are why most OEM’s demand the usage of 40% to 60% glycol primarily based Coolant to become utilized all year round irrespective from the ambient climate/temperature. A 50% glycol/water option will boost the boiling point from 212°F to 226.4°F, suppress the freezing point from 32°F to -34.6°F and offer excellent corrosion protection capabilities. A water filter can also be a vital aspect of several cooling Systems with good protection capabilities. It is a visible reminder that the cooling system demands to become serviced, it gives a way of sustaining each the corrosion inhibitor level along with the cleanliness level inside the coolant therefore safeguarding the water pump from abrasive put on. The essential to a reputable cooling technique would be to Commence Clean/Stay Clean. The most effective approach to realize this really is by utilizing Completely Formulated, Pre-Mixed, Life Time Coolant for 1st Fill/Top Up collectively with Right Upkeep Practices.

It can be vital to know that coolant central filtration systems will not be a ‘fit and forget’ item. It wants to be maintained, tested and inspected frequently and periodically will call for to become changed out. It ought to be remembered that dosing guidelines have to be rigorously followed to make sure complete program protection.


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