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Filtration technology has developed over time primarily out of the needs of grinding applications.  The main purpose was to improve work conditions in the following areas:

*     Improve surface finish
*     Increase tool life
*     Increase machine life
*     Increase machine productivity
*     Reduce coolant loss
*     Reduce costs of coolant disposal

Developing technology in the machining center market created a need for filtration systems that are capable of keeping up with high stock removal rates, increased flow rates and removing smaller contaminant particles.  The increased need for “through the spindle coolant” where a small stream of coolant is pumped at very high pressure through a small hole in the center of a high speed drilling tool created an even more critical need for clean coolant.  This is to minimize the chances of particles plugging the very small coolant hole in the tool and also to reduce wear on an expansive high pressure pump.