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The HydroFlow Star Filter is a patented, automatic system using a pump to draw liquid through a permanent media element with an optional feed of cellulose filter-aid for extra fine filtration. This system can obtain filtration as low as 1-3 microns dependent on the application and allows us to also filter materials like glass and carbide particles as well as the normal alloys, aluminum and steel applications. Applications that require this level of filtration include grinding, machining, superfinishing and rolling mills working steel, carbide, glass, ceramic, aircraft alloys, cast-iron and aluminum. Filter operation is simple and is very easy to service making it ideal for blinding applications. The Star Filter has advantages, as well, that help it to stand out from other similar products. There is a large filter area, 2-stages of filtration, depth filtration using cellulose, and a pressurized wet seal which virtually eliminates solids by-pass. Other advantages include regeneration of entire surface maintains low velocity, element backwash, no moving belt, and no vacuum box.