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Barnes and Superior products fuse
to create new “green”, cost effective
vacuum filter.
Above-floor Central Coolant System
Barnes International, aware of the country’s growing environmental concerns, has developed a new line of high-powered filtration equipment designed to minimize fabric use in cast iron applications. In a recent business venture with a leading automotive parts manufacturer, an 860 gpm Central Coolant Filtration System was purchased for a cast iron grinding operation.  This unit delivers clean, temperature controlled coolant to six grinders. Pump-back units return coolant & swarf (accumulation of fine particles of ground metal or abrasive) via overhead piping to an inlet velocity dampener.  Included was an MCS Magnetic Separator to remove the bulk of the swarf, a 110 sq. ft. Super-Vac Filter for 10 micron filtration with spent media rewinder, a 60 hp vertical pump, level indicators and PLC-based electrical controls. 
A dual torque, spent media rewinder is an optional accessory for use with a vacuum media filter. This unit uses an air motor to drive the rewinding core. The media exiting the filter is pulled across a scraper to remove the swarf which is separable from the filter paper. It is then wound around a disposable 2″x4″ wooden spool. Two infrared sensors are also included. One signals when the roll has reached a size where more torque is required to turn it. The second one signals an alarm when the roll has reached its maximum size and is ready for removal. A quick tug on a lever located opposite the drive, drops the spent roll into the bin. The coolant system and its delivery and return systems are completely above floor, minimizing installation costs, and maximizing plant layout flexibility.