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Barnes International MPE-15 Kleenall Combination Magnetic and Fabric Filter.

The MPE Series offers “two stage” filtering by combining a powerful magnetic drum precleaner with efficient filter media in one compact unit.  The magnetic drum effectively removes the bulk of contaminants thereby reducing fabric usage.
The filter is completely automatic requiring little or no maintenance.  Replacing filter fabric rolls is a quick and easy job, and the filter does not need to be shut down during the process.
The MPE Series is known the world over for low initial cost, low floor space requirements and high efficiency.  Low fluid intake heights simplify installation by allowing a gravity flow of dirty coolant from the machine discharge directly to the filter inlet.
Sizes are available to handle flow rates from 10 to 100 GPM.  MPE filters with integral chiller units are also available for efficient filtration and temperature control in one compact unit.