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Front view showing chip.sludge discharge into conveniently located hoppers.
Rear view showing PLC controls and fabric rewinding mechanism.
Barnes International, Inc. of Rockford, IL, USA, a major
builder of high quality filtration systems, has developed the Kleenall Max
Coolant Filtration System to meet the needs of major automotive manufacturers
worldwide. Over thirty units have been supplied to service engine and
transmission machinery modules with flow rates varying from 2,000 L/M to 12,000
L/M (500 to 3,000 GPM).
Systems consist of a rotating drum (RD), permanent media
filter precleaner to remove solids down to 30 microns nominal, a sidestream
vacuum media polishing filter for 10 micron cleaning, and an automatic
backflushing sentinel filter to provide full flow protection to all machines. 
The units are totally assembled and run off at our facility.
They are built on skids with containment pans to contain any coolant spillage
and require no special foundation, pits, or drain trenches. Single point
connections for utility drops minimize installation time and cost. All
equipment is robustly designed and maintenance friendly to give years of
trouble free service. They ship mostly assembled with only a few parts to be
bolted on at the job site.
Barnes International, Inc. is an innovative leader in the
development of quality designed filtration systems. No system is too large or
too complex for Barnes engineers to tackle. 
Visit us at
to see how Barnes products can solve your filtration problems. 
Barnes International – serving the needs of industry for
over 105 years.