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Completing assembly work on a Barnes Model IM-3648 Immersed Drum Fabric Filter purchased by a prominent grinder manufacturer.  When finished, both systems will be shipped to a large automotive plant in Korea.

The filters will each provide approximately 100 GPM @ 45 PSI of 30 micron coolant to the grinding wheels and 8 – 10 GPM @ 1000 PSI of 10 micron coolant to the wheel scrubber systems.  Chiller systems rated at 120,000 BTU/HR will track ambient temperature and maintain coolant temperature at a precise set point.  Pump back units complete the system.
The patented design of the Barnes Immersed Drum Filter combines reliable high quality filtration with a very simple design created for easy maintenance and long life.  These are the features this forward thinking grinder builder demands from a filter system they can confidently put their name on and sell with their machines.
Look to Barnes International for engineered solutions for your filtration needs.  Visit us at for additional information.