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Water & Wastewater

Liquid Industrial Water – Janitor Dump Stations – Casting Quench Water – HV AC Systems Heating and Cooling – EPA Regulations


Description of the process:

The customer uses city water supply to support plant operations, including processes that require cooling and cleaning operations.  This water, once contaminated, is hazardous and cannot be disposed of through returning to the city sewer system, dumped in ground or to local water sources.  Most organizations must pay a waste-water treatment company to haul away (via truck) the contaminated water off-site, where they treat the water before disposing of.  This is a very expensive proposition.

The Barnes solution provides a system that can mechanically and chemically treat the water for proper disposal.  Being customer-owned and operated, the customer can control water output, be environmentally sound, safe and responsible and most importantly SAVE money by reusing the treated water and not paying to haul away their contaminated water.  The return on investment (ROI) is quickly and easily recognized.

Chemical treatment is simpler, cheaper and more efficient.  If the dirty water has solids it could be pre-filtered and then chemically treated.  If the output requirements are still not met, additional filtration may be needed on the output side, as well.

The chemical treatment produces either settled or floated solids that need to be dealt with.  Recovery of these solids is handled by a de-watering press/separator (stacked press, progressive press, driers…), the liquid is returned to the dirty side of the process.

Most solutions could be handled by pre-filtration of large solids, chemical treatment of suspended solids and contaminants and settling out solids for dewatering.  The decanted effluent is basically pure and meets EPA and local regulations but if more clarity is required, a mechanical treatment (Active Carbon or Reverse Osmosis) is applied to obtain cleaner effluent.

These pictures show the progression of the influent (dirty industrial water) as it is chemically treated into the final effluent (clean water) that can be returned to the city sewer or original water source.

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