Press release date: December 1, 2009

Barnes International, Inc. Acquires Advanced Filtration Concepts, Inc. (AFC) from the previous ownership of Mann+Hummel Inc. as part of its continued growth strategy.

Effective December 1, 2009, this acquisition of Advanced Filtration Concepts, Inc. includes the product lines, intellectual properties (engineering designs, standards and project documentation), product trademarks, replacement parts interests and related inventories.

Advanced Filtration Concepts, Inc., as a division of Barnes International, supplies coolant filtration systems for automotive manufacturers, part suppliers, machine tool manufacturers, aerospace, energy, as well as the steel industry. Advanced Filtration Concepts, Inc. is a leader in vacuum filter technology, pressure filter and magnetic separation systems and serves its customers in thousands of applications worldwide.

“The combination of Barnes industry leading grinding and chip filters with AFC technology allows us to offer an even more extensive range of filtration solutions to our customers” states Bill Kirchner, General Manager of Barnes International, Inc.

“Barnes is proud of its history as a leader in the machine tool industry. As we look to our future, we are building on our industry leading filter manufacturing reputation and pleased to welcome AFC to compliment our product line,” states David Gollob, President of Barnes International, Inc.

Barnes International, Inc. is a globally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, individual and decentralized industrial coolant filtration equipment for the metal cutting and grinding industry. Since 1907, Barnes International’s history of technological leadership has been a key factor in its success.

As an integral part of Barnes International, Inc., Advanced Filtration Concepts, Inc, along with Superior Filtration, offer its services throughout North America. We will look forward to accepting your inquiries and quotation requests for complete filtration systems, along with continuing support for replacement parts and service for your existing Advanced Filtration Concepts, Inc. filtration systems.

A Division of Barnes International, Inc.
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Rich Comer
Vice President of Global Sales
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Dewey T. Hunt
Manager of Estimating Barnes/AFC
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Pressure Filters

Automatic flat bed media pressure filter. Provides efficient filtration with excellent coolant clarity and dry sludge discharge. Available with either permanent or disposable media.

BarMag™ Coolant Filtration System

Uses powerful permanent magnets encased in stainless steel tubes which are very effective for separation of magnetic fines from liquids in the high and low micron size range. Due to the low velocity of the liquid flowing through a densely concentrated magnetic field, very fine magnetic particulates can be removed.

PlateMag™ Coolant Filtration System

Similar to the Bar Chain-type Magnetic Separator, The PlateMag Magnetic Separator effectively removes magnetic fines. The plate-type units can handle larger concentrations of fines and are suitable for applications ranging from the fine grinding of steel and cast iron to cast iron machining and steel machining.

Pre-Coat Coolant Filter System

A complete automatic cycling Pre-Coat filtration system consists of the Pre-Coat filter vessel, a patented slurry feeder for mixing and storing the pre-coat material, a recovery vacuum filter secondary recovery filter to concentrate and remove the dirt loaded pre-coat powder after each filtration cycle, and a main system liquid reservoir.

Hot Oil Processing Systems

Oil Processing Systems are used for continuous supply of Automatic Transmission Fluid for transmission test stands, or for Hot oil supply to engine fill stands.  The system receives clean fluid from storage tank, as well as excess return fluid from the test stands and repair stands.  There are normally two process loops – Clean supply to test stands and reclaiming fluid from transmissions that have been torn down for inspection.