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Large Vacuum Filter – Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum Systems

Vacuum Filtration Systems that Boost Metalworking Productivity

Vacuum Filtration Systems filter mineral oils, soluble oils, semi-synthetic and other fluids at flow rates of up to 50,000 L/min. Self-contained centralized units can be installed above or below floor, or in mobile configurations to handle single machines, machine centers, departments, or entire plants. Add optional, automatic chip processing and waste disposal for complete system efficiency.

Vacuum Filtration Systems
Clean Coolant

Clean Coolant is used in the belt wash header to remove any metal chips that remain on the belt after the brushing operation has been completed. The metal chips are washed into the dirty coolant tank of the filter.

Access Door

Access Door on the dirty tank allows for the addition of neat oil or water to maintain coolant concentration without disrupting the operation of the filter.

One Vertical, Multi-stage, Centrifugal Pump

One Vertical, Multi-stage, Centrifugal Pump pulls the dirty coolant through the filter media removing the metal chips. Once through the filter media, the coolant is then pumped to the machine tools and the clean tank.

A Clean Coolant Tank

A Clean Coolant Tank is provided for a variety of requirements, such as: overhead wash, trough flush, through spindle coolant (high & low pressure). Pump configurations are optional and designed for the specific application.

Please check out our brochure for more information on the Central Vacuum System.