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Kleenall Rotary Drum Chip Filters for Coolant Filtration (RD)

Kleenall RD

Kleenall RD
Kleenall RDU Filter for Steel/Stringy Chips Kleenall Series 30 for Small Machining Centers
Kleenall RD – Rotary Drum Chip Conveyor Kleenall RDXG Exclusive Cast Iron Features
Kleenall RDXC Chip Filters

The Barnes Kleenall Rotary Drum Coolant Filter handles the high chip volumes produced in precision aluminum, brass, cast iron, plastic, or steel machining operations. These permanent media units protect work piece quality, improve tool life and cut coolant costs in a production parts environment by continuously recirculating ultra-clean coolant back to a machine or machining center. Any application–Any Capacity–These filters are available in sizes to accommodate single machines or cells to central systems with very high flow rates. Barnes has the machine tool coolant filtration system for your application!


  • Small units for single machines or cells
  • Large central systems with high flow rates
  • Above and below-floor variations
  • Available in virtually any configuration


  • Direct driven motor provides higher efficiencies, thereby lowering operating costs
  • Improved drum filter design
  • Simpler replacement of filter permanent media belt
  • Removable backwash pipe syste allows much easier nozzle cleaning. Lexan top cover permits observance of operation without removing cover
Kleenall RD